The Story of FLUXUS

When Covid-19 sent the world into isolation and days stretched into weeks, and then months; we took many long baths, occasionally with glowsticks or candles, but always in the dark if we could. Inevitably the glow sticks became a nuisance and ended up everywhere they ought not. This led to a creation of glow sticks and connectors that hung from our faucet muffling the sound a bit and making it so that the liquid lava did not pool in the front of the bath as much.

We started to wonder why there wasn't something like this on the market? We contacted a toy manufacturer based in China and worked with their engineers to bring our drawings and homemade prototypes to life. FLUXUS has been in development for over a year, we’ve hit bumps and suffered losses along the way, but we’ve come out on the other side better off from those experiences. 

FLUXUS for us is a means to change the image around immersion bathing. Not only is it good for your physical wellbeing it is also highly beneficial to your mental health as well. A few studies showed a simple 30-minute soak in hot water a few times a week is likely to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression among other things.

While bathing is a deeply personal space, we believe that there can be a community where people come together to discuss different practices or tips and how they make the experience of life just a little bit nicer. Bathing should be a ritual where you honor your inner-self by putting special care into your outer-self. It should be a moment in time to connect with yourself, your child, or your partner and be fully present in the vibe you choose to express.

Soothe your senses and Experience the Difference today!